Monday, October 12, 2009

Economics II

I carp about the economic health of myself and my country here, from time to time, but normally I keep to stuff that makes sense to me. This:
Leaves me baffled. If I had an advanced degree, I might pretend to be able to make sense of it. Asking experts doesn't help either, they just gurgle, crawl under their desks, and begin sucking their thumbs. I have to assume it's an portent of those "interesting times" the Chinese curse refers to.

I don't keep a big supply of food. I keep 3 extra tanks of propane, and a mental list of which of the neighbors will make the best steaks. NOTE: If you paint red crosses on the doors, hood, and tailgate of your piclup, people ask fewer questions when you're "bringing home the bacon".


jed said...

Is there any indication at all as to what it's supposed to be? Trading volume? 4th derivative of the velocity to the power of e?

Billll said...

I found this on Theo Spark. There was no indication of what it might be there, either. I suppose one could Google the abbreviations in search of answers.
Discount might be the fed funds discount rate,
Swaps are a financial trading implement. Not sure what AIG is doing on there if that's the corporate stock value, or it could be someones idea of modern art.