Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fashion Statement

Observing that with more and more people getting CCW permits, and the practice spreading to the sartorially conscious, I had a thought...

For those of you who will be at MileHiCon this weekend, I will have these
available in black and gray at $15.

Getting shirts done is a delicate process, as screen printing is about as much art as science. The example above was done at CustomInk by me and represents 5 or 6 tries before I got it to come out right. Locally produced ones trimmed the gun a bit more than I did although that probably is more realistic than the amount of exposed metal in this one. The blacker background behind the gun is an artifact of the computer process, and does not appear on the shirt.

Cafe Press seems to be able to print only a 10 x 10 area on a shirt, which puts the gun way too high. Zazzle is slightly better, but generally still a bit too high. I'll get a pic of one of the locally produced ones this weekend and put it up. I will also talk to a shirt vendor about just how he ships his non-local orders.

Details, details, details. This was supposed to be fun and easy.

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Ride Fast said...

Ha ha ha. That would look really great on any woman.