Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace prize has been awarded to Barak O'Bama for his splendid and noteworthy accomplishments in,..... something, I'm sure.

He now joins:
Jimmie Carter, who brought about the current regieme in Iran,
Yassir Arafat, who brought great organization to the business of killing Jews,
Al Gore, who continues his efforts to cripple the worlds economies while becoming rich.

The Ig-Nobel committee obviously needs to amend their awards to include something special for the Nobel board. A feat of this magnitude deserves some sort of special recognition. Very special.

Short bus special.


Brad K. said...


I happened to speak with a self-avowed Obama supporter.

What he picked up on was the award committee comments that the award was given to Obama to validate and encourage the directions in diplomacy and international relations that Obama has espoused. That is, the committee didn't award the Peace Prize for what Obama has done, but for what he might do if he continues with the foreign policy he promised.

Please don't blame me. This is what the guy said.

Now Obama can proudly stand with his mentor, Jimmy Carter, and with Al Gore.

Personally I agree with Sharon (Casaubon's Book,, that the award was for *not* being George Bush.

Billll said...

So if the Iranians "test" their first nuke in Tel Aviv harbor, or if the Israelis impose some sort of "halt" to the Iranians program, then O'Bama will hang his head in shame at having failed the world and give the Nobel back?


Anonymous said...

"the award was for *not* being George Bush."

If that was the case, they could have given the award to anyone, except George Bush of course.