Monday, March 16, 2020

Ventilator Shortage? Improvise!

Scott Adams is repeatedly harping on a perceived shortage of ventilators to serve Covid-19 patients. He suggests we come up with a low-cost DIY supply to cover the shortage. OK then. I don't have the parts right now, but let's try this:

You need an aftermarket intake assembly from some squirrels Honda Civic, the motor and blower assembly from a Kirby vacuum cleaner, some hose, a waste gate from a Subaru WRX, and a plastic bag and rubber band.

All this is controlled with a cheap Arduino microcontroller from MEI Micro. Air is drawn through the air filter (K&N of course) by the vacuum, and pumped in to the plastic bag which is placed over the patients head and sealed with a rubber band.

The supply is controlled with the waste gate which is opened and closed by the Arduino controller to drive an inhale/exhale sequence to the patient. For extra effect, instead of spraying the air filter with filter oil, spray it with Lysol disinfectant.

Here's the general layout for Billlls emergency Redneck ventilator. The Arduino and waste gate could be replaced with a 303 can and a soup can with 3 or 4 windows cut in them, the soup can being turned inside the 303 can by a barbecue rotisserie motor to develop the inhale/exhale function. Now you coal miners don't need to learn to write code to save Grannie.

Someone find the parts and string them together. It'll make a great YouTube comedy short.

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