Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Australian Gun Laws

I read with some interest an article noting that the Police Minister from NSW practicing with a submachinegun seemed to send Green and Labor MPs into a state of high dudgeon. First off a bit of background might have smoothed the ruffled feathers. As we all know, when you rise to or above certain levels of political status, the laws no longer apply to you, at least not in the way they apply to the peasantry. As was noted in the article, laws disarming the public do not apply to the military or the police.

Secondly, weapons laws are decidedly NOT there to protect the public. Quite the opposite. They serve primarily to protect the political classes from their constituents, and as an unintended consequence, they protect the criminal classes as well. This works in the politicians favor as when violent crime rates go up, as they invariably do, the pols can pass even more draconian weapons laws against the victims.

In the end, you get the ruling class living in gated communities with armed guards at the gates, and everyone else living is a Mad Max environment, armed with improvised weapons in self defense. If the penalty for getting caught with a submachine gun is the same as that for possessing a club, one may as well go for the sub gun as it provides better protection for no greater risk. Ex: London.

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