Friday, February 28, 2020

The Upcoming Elections And All That

I went to a Taco dinner (yes we have those) sponsored by the local republicans, attended by the politically active and several office holders and candidates and heard a local radio host* tell us what the current state of disorganization and dismay is among Democrats. He went on at some length about how the Dem candidates have all gotten go far to the left that even the nominally leftists in the party are trying to distance themselves from them.

The stage at the last Dem debate.

Which is great, as far as it goes. The Dems here have got a ballot harvesting machine that can suck votes out from under the rocks which will be very difficult to beat in any case in November. The Republican hope is that the Donks can be sufficiently associated with the top level to discourage some percentage of them from voting at all or, best case, switching sides. There is also the Rep hope that the prospect of re-electing more of these will inspire more Reps to actually show up for the elections. Inspiration comes from, among other things, the investigations in Washington that start out aimed at Trump, and inevitably end up exposing Dems as the real crooks as the rocks get turned over.

Swell, except for one thing. When question time came up, I asked if the speaker, or anyone there really believed that by 2024, any Democrat above the level of Federal Dog Catcher would actually see the inside of a jail. Guess how many hands went up?

Exactly none. While it's encouraging to see the roaches being exposed, it's equally discouraging to see no Raid being applied. Jailing a couple, even at the lower levels would tell the Reps that the Donks don't completely own the justice system.

*Dr. Matt Dunn has been voicing his opinion on politics every Sunday evening on KNUS 710 Radio. The Dr. is real. He's a practicing dentist, not a cleric.


Merle said...

we still have a two tier justice system..... :(


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