Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Democratic Approach

After hearing James O'Keefe's videos of Bernies people recently I'm beginning to get a feel for the party's approach to the upcoming elections.
His rep did assure us that Stalin's gulags were nowhere near as bad as the CIA has portrayed them.
Turning out the Antifa militias to turn out the vote also inspires this one:
Short, succinct, and to the point, no?

Having watched the Donks go from Russians! to Ukrainians! to He Dissed Us! to no avail, I'm thinking that sooner or later they're going to start thinking that assassination is the only remaining route to a 2020 victory.

Might be fun for Trump to invite Pelosi, Schimer, and Mutt&Jeff to the White house on some pretext or other and have them met at the back door by the TSA who will give them the full Bin Ladin screening welcome. Just so they understand where they stand with him in the D.C. food chain.

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