Tuesday, February 4, 2020

What Happened In Iowa

Since no one actually seems to know, that means that my guesswork is equally valid as everyone elses so here goes:

It seems the APP software used in Iowa was written by the same people who wrote the ballot counting software that screwed Biden out of the nomination in 2016. My theory is that the "malware" built into the app had the function of removing votes from the Biden file and adding them to the Clinton file. In '16, this worked. This year the feature was still there, still carefully hidden, and still working except that this year, there was no Clinton file to write to, so the whole app crashed.

When some results finally get out, we will find Biden with very low vote counts and the rest of the field with about what we expected, percentage wise. Good thing, I suppose, that Hill wasn't on the ballot else we'd also see that she again won all the coin toss decisions.

These people want to micromanage your life too.

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