Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Local Politics

While attending a small rally for a local candidate for our House of Reps, I got to chat with some of the more senior reps who told me that unofficially our Governor and member of the Big 4 Colorado billionaires Club, Jared Polis, is positioning himself for a presidential run in 2024.

Swell. Early on candidates tend to move to the far ends of their parties in order to corral the votes necessary in the primaries. This may be is come conflict with the sitting members of his own party who currently control both chambers of the legislature. The legislature is controlled by Tom Steyer and the other 3 members of the aforementioned Big 4 who support rather extreme positions on everything. Guns, taxes, schools, immigration, the works. If the legislature continues to overreach, they run the risk of losing at least the Senate.

The House is a different story with all the Donks plugged in to their seats by the oligarchs with apostasy punishable by a well funded primary challenger. Primaries are comparatively cheap and in the general the union soldiers will dutifully harvest ballots for anyone with a D after their name.

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