Monday, October 14, 2019

Robots That Say No

A couple of professors from Oz with seemingly little useful to do are advancing the notion that sex bots include a module that makes them refuse their owners advances. This, they say will promote better human interactions.

Sure it will. The owners probably didn't spend $10K+ on a sex bot to have it turn them down from time to time for no reason or even maybe to demand an oil change or something.

Owner: "Look, dear, I got you Mobil 1 Synthetic!"
Robot: "Oh darling, you shouldn't have!"

 You don't buy a car that refuses to take you to the store if it hasn't been washed recently or want's it's stereo upgraded. Nor would you buy a refrigerator that might randomly decide not to keep your food cold.

They suggest that these randomly refusing robots be installed on college campuses where the socially inept might check one out from the library to get some tips on interacting with women. Sure, and then take your homework back to the dorm with you and hope your studies don't bother your roommate too much.

There is also an American law professor demanding that the congress begin writing regulations for sex bots. He has already gotten laws written that make the states part of the tobacco industry, so don't discount him.

Next up: Industrial robots that go on strike shut down for no reason every 2 years or so until the owner pays the AFL-CIO ransom to get the program un-encrypted so the machine can go back to work.

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