Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Gun Laws And The Next Election

The next election is upon us like the locusts of Egypt, and the Dems are trying not to identify as such in the locals. Keep 'em jumping up and down with fun bumper stickers you can print out in landscape format, fold in thirds, and tape to a window until after the brouhaha is over.

Here's one now:
I've not yet seen a gun law that ultimately didn't redound to the benefit of the criminal class.


Merle said...

HMMM, depending on your neighborhood - I'd worry about my window.... :(

Billll said...

You express a conservative political opinion at the risk of getting your car keyed, your house window broken, or your yard sign stolen. Sort of a kinder, gentler version of Kristallnacht in which you avoid attacks in the short term at the expense of being herded onto the rail cars in the long term.

Freedom isn't free and sometimes the cost includes a $50 game camera to catch the malefactors and maybe get a story in the local paper which then discourages the next attack.

Merle said...

No argument from me, but I'm not likely to have a problem out here.

I was thinking more along the line that your neighborhood is a lot more pink.