Sunday, October 6, 2019


Fall and spring are when mother nature takes the switch between summer and winter and bangs it up and down a few times just to keep us on our toes. Wednesdays high is predicted at 79, Thursdays high is to be 32.

The WU report gets worse and worse every time I check it. 3 days ago it called for a trace of snow overnight. 2 days ago it called for snow overnight, yesterday it said 2-4 inches, this morning it's calling for 3-6. None of the trees have lost significant leaves so I'm going to be frantically trimming my plums today and tomorrow and shutting off the sprinklers. 32 degrees is pretty mild so 3-6 inches would be heavy, wet, stuff, the sort that generates heart attacks in people trying to shovel it.

I'm thinking widespread power outages as limbs come down, food shortages in the markets as people rush to stock up the day before (Wednesday) and uncountable traffic accidents on Thursday as people discover that prepping for global warming by leaving their summer tires on until December isn't working out well.

Not to be spreading panic or anything you understand.


Merle said...

I see the problem - checking the forecast is making it worse! :)

Billll said...

I quit checking for a while. Snowfall is now to be 3 inches even, an improvement, although the nights low is now down to 14.