Thursday, October 10, 2019

California Politics

Normally I wouldn't get involved as Cali is beyond human comprehension already but 2 days ago I saw Scott Adams of Dilbert fame announce in no uncertain terms that Cali needed a new governor. My reaction: You just now noticed?

Anyway today James Dellengpole published a piece on  Mike Shellenberger which he describes as the worlds only sensible Greenie. Mr S is one of the inventors of the Green Nude Eel but unlike the rest of the mob, he actually found time to sit down and do some math. Admittedly he may well be the only Greenie capable of adding 2+2 and getting 4, but there he is, noting that most of the green/renewable power proposals don't work. In addition they are more expensive and dirtier than this new invention, nuclear.

Mr S has expressed an interest in running for governor and has fully endorsed the use of Gen 4 nukes as a complete replacement for pretty much everything else which should get him the Scott Adams endorsement as long as he doesn't also endorse anything too far out, like say human sacrifice.

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