Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Gun Sales Show No Signs Of Panic

Here's the latest NICS count, with the usual caveat that a NICS check has only about a 71% chance of actually representing a gun sale:
I will interpret this as a position of confidence that although the House will likely pass lots of gun bills, a Republican Senate will likely vote them down in committee. Of course this sets up the Donks to propose every half-baked anti gun idea ever heard of in the expectation that they will all get tossed so they can tell their constituents that they tried, and that their next opponent will forget that they did this and won't use it against them.

There are ways around this but it remains to be seen if the Dems will try them or push very hard if they do. A Dem can, under the upcoming regime, attach a draconian anti gun bit to one of the "must pass" bills that will come up, and dig in to the point of threatening a government shutdown and blame Republicans for valuing the lack of "common sense gun control" for failing to say, fund the military.

Of course this could work both ways with the Reps loudly proclaiming that the Dems would render the country defenseless in order to let them revert to type, abridging the civil rights of the citizens.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think the House is a feint - the real danger is going to be local. Examples: New York requiring social media passwords before "allowing" people to get a gun permit. Wayne County (Detroit) passing a bullet tax plus requiring mental health eval and limiting amount of ammo you can buy.

It's coming. I've been BLOAT. I think it's a good bet.

Billll said...

I'm sure there's going to be a bunch of anti-gun bills introduced, but the reaction in general is not panic like we saw when Hill was a shoe-in to win the presidency. At the federal level the danger is lessened. At the local level, it's higher in some places than others. Here in CO the donks have the trifecta so whatever they want will be rammed down our throats just like in 2013.

Remembering that that sort of tomfoolery cost them 3 senators and control of the Senate in '13. The question becomes do they fear us or a Bloomberg funded opponent in the next primary?