Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Evening News - Update

I was originally going to post this on Hot Air here, but they seem to be fully vested members of the Vast Left-wing conspiracy to let Big Tech censor everything by requiring a Facebook membership to be allowed to speak there. Shame on you guys!

They do have a piece up noting that it is now possible for computers to generate exceptionally realistic human faces. This opens up a lot of possibilities for TV News stations, politicians, and blackmailers of all sorts.

This is a technological jump over the proposal I fronted 2 or 3 years ago. Then, I suggested that animatronic robots could be used to to replace the high priced talking heads on the nightly news with only a wig change required to get from news to sports, and with lipstick, to weather. Now even that is no longer required. The CG heads can recite whatever a committee of wonks has decided is news, and if there's bias, it's distributed across the committee and no one gets fired. Cost of software and regular upgrades would be far less than the annual salaries of the actors currently staring back from the screens.

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