Monday, December 10, 2018

Boulder CO - Gun Games

The Oh-So-P.C. city council of Boulder passed an ordinance forbidding the ownership of "assault weapons" but in a gesture of good will, they allowed the ownership of weapons acquired prior to the passage of the law. If you live in Boulder and want an evil black rifle, or whatever it is they define as an assault weapon, you'll have to drive a few miles to Erie or Longmont to get one. Of course if you get caught coming home with it, you could get a ticket:
The city council promised that there would be no records kept, and no registration as a precursor to future confiscation. Compliance, for all practical purposes, would be left up to the gun-owning citizens themselves.

Boulder City Attorney Tom Carr said that anyone found with a “non-certified” firearm in his possession after December 27 would be subject to a fine of up to $1,000 and (not or) 90 days in jail. The now-illegal firearm would be confiscated and destroyed.
 Emphasis mine. No mention of what might happen if you claim to have owned the weapon for the last 5 years and forgot to get it registered certified.

The paper process involves paying a fee, for which the city would give you a receipt, of which they would keep a copy along with a note explaining what the money was collected for, getting another background check, of which they would keep a copy along with a note explaining why they had it done, and give you 2 copies of your certification papers, one of which must be kept with the gun.

The story is here along with some math (show your work!) suggesting that there might be as many as 150,000 "assault weapons" in need of "non-registration" up there. So far, and with 17 days left to go before they all become criminals, some 85 guns have been registered certified for a compliance rate of .056%.

I love it when a plan like that comes together.

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