Thursday, December 27, 2018

Admitting That Gun Control Still Isn't Popular

I got a fund-raising email this morning from asking me to donate to their cause. I have no idea why they thought I might respond, maybe they bought a customer list from Lee Precision thinking it was Lee jeans, but here's the "money quote":
But at the start of the month, we set a goal of 15,000 individual donations for December. We thought that would put us in good shape when the new Congress is sworn in. And as of this morning, we were at 4,983. Not great.
Great, like most adjectives, is a relative term. For Giffords, in the face of a Dem controlled House, getting a 30% response might be described as "not great". For me, considering the same circumstances, coupled with excited media coverage for the more rabid true believers, this is not bad news. I would have to say that the probability of another run on ammo or guns is much reduced.

Don't get cocky. Write your Senators and tell them to NOT support any gun control legislation in the face of falling crime rates. Keep reminding them which side of the toast has the butter.

I'm sure Bloomberg will chip in to help them out.

If you have some spare cash, donate to NRA/ILA or GOA or CCRKBA, or SAF.


Merle said...

when I get prepaid envelopes like that I stuff them full of crap and send them back!
sure makes me feel better... :)

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Austin Green said...
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