Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Lefts Battle Plan?

Peter at Bijou Renaissance Man has a good post up analyzing the tactics the left is using in Charlottesville and other places.

Paul (in comments) is taking it to the next level which is a government sponsored conspiracy. Unfortunately this is a very short step. The left is probably ecstatic over finally finding an issue that will bring the right out onto the streets where they can be goaded into violence in their own defense. Similar to the Muslims, they carefully escalate the violence against the citizenry until someone hits back, then the wailing about oppression begins and the press repeat it unquestioningly. This technique is serving the Arabs in Israel well to the point that their productions are commonly referred to as Paliwood Studios starring such regulars as Flat Fatima and the perpetually dead child.

Best approach by the right would probably be to follow Gandhi's nonviolent approach and let the brownshirts severely injure or even kill a few of them, and wait for the next election. The police do what the chief tells them to do and the chief does what the Mayor tells him to do. Everyone knows this.

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