Thursday, August 17, 2017

Gun Fun - Hi Point 4095

The latest iteration of my ongoing quest to tighten up the manufacturing slop in an otherwise nice gun.
I take full credit for that flyer at 6 O'clock. The other 3 shots were done without any funky outside help and according to my scoring overlay represent a group of just barely over 1 MOA. I had known the gun to be capable of less than 2 MOA as I shot several groups with it by mounting a pistol scope to the barrel alone. The issue has always been the attachment of the bolt shroud to the action via 2 floating pins.
I removed the pins and pressed 2 threaded inserts into the action, removed the swinging pin catches and pressed steel inserts into the plastic stock. The screws over the brass washers hold the bolt shroud solidly against the action with no clearance or funky floating doohickeys to introduce error.

Shot at 25 yd as that was all I had available on short notice. I'll get out to the longer ranges pretty soon. Also I find the gun isn't impressed with my low recoil 165 gr handloads and definately likes the much hotter Blazer 180 gr stuff.

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Merle said...

I'm also finding mine prefers 180 gr loads - all factory so far.
Handloads will come along later......