Wednesday, August 23, 2017


"Little tomatoes" as they are called go well in salsa and the like. While walking the dog I happened on a small patch of them next to the park lake.

Click to enlarge and note the seed pods, about an inch in diameter
Inside is a single pea-sized fruit.
Sorry for the fuzzy pic. Should have used a tripod. Diced up, these things are an essential ingredient in salsas. In a sloppily assembled burrito out on a fishing trip, dribble the filling out onto the ground and they sprout enthusiastically and seem to require little more than sunlight to thrive.


Merle said...

are you going to harvest some of them?


Billll said...

If someone else doesn't beat me to them. I got a few from a broken branch and planted them in spots in my yard that don't get much water. Ground cover more than anything.