Monday, January 2, 2017

John Ross For ATF Director

In keeping with Trumps inclination to nominate agency heads whose primary qualification is an urge to dismantle the agency in question, Mr. Ross, author of the best selling book Unintended Consequences, has volunteered to serve as Director of the ATF for the princely sum of one dollar per year.

Given Mr. Ross' inclinations toward the Agency, I suspect his entire tenure is likely to cost the country about $1, that covering the time it will take to reduce the place to rubble and import the salt to sow the debris with.


Merle Morrison said...

Hey, I'll kick in for his salary - if he does that! :)


Anonymous said...

The rumor is John Ross has volunteered to work for a $1 a year

Billll said...

A properly avaricious fellow would set up a GoFundMe site soliciting $1/year maximum from donors to the J.Ross salary fund, said fund to last as long as Mr. Ross holds the job. Annual total donations to be paid to Mr. Ross in lieu of a regular salary.

Under this format I could see Mr. Ross quickly becoming the highest paid person in Washington.