Thursday, January 5, 2017

Pelted With A Bunch Of Pink Pussyhats

Bear with me a bit.

Yesterday the Washington Post's commuters magazine had a cover featuring the upcoming Womens March on Washington to support/protest/do something, probably involving the impending regieme change.
The cover was doubtless supposed to express an uplifting aspect to all those women getting together, but the marketing babble seems to have completely overpowered the message of the actual image. So what does this image imply the women are looking for? Possibly manly men to replace the pajama boy that's been thrust upon them for the last 8 years?

Of course if you're closely involved, you understood the purpose of the march implicitly so of course that left me mostly out. Given the time of year and the recent events, the word "protest" is easily attached to images of tearful snowflakes, but so what? A friend of mine is involved in transporting and co-ordinating participants and has compared the job unfavorably to herding cats. I sent her a link to the above article along with my interpretation of the picture and asked, tongue in cheek if this might be a good place to pick up chicks.

"Not unless you want to be pelted with a bunch of pink pussyhats," she replied.
Here's one now:
A better name for these might be pussycat hats but if wearing them helps differentiate the Toms from the Tabbys, then whatever. Maybe the Tomhats will be black with yellow eyes on the front.

Keeping it light and seeing the humor.


thinkingman said...

I've frequently heard of asshats, but this takes the cake ( or maybe, the pie ). Sooo, are we to support this group protest against...what? Tax reduction? Keeping jobs in America for Americans to work? Fixing the Unaffordable Healthcare Act? Reversal of all those asinine and punitive "Executive Orders "that represent no more than an inappropriate power grab by the exiting wanna be Emperor? Supporting Israel, who has been our ONLY stable ally in that part of the world?
Do I really need to go on ? These idiots should be celebrating, not protesting.

David Aitken said...

The pink hats are a NoNo: