Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Gun Law - Suppressors

Representatives Jeff Duncan (R-SC-3) and John Carter (R-TX-31) introduced legislation on January 9 that will eliminate the paper trail and federal tax on firearm suppressors. Basically this legislation would remove suppressors from the purview of the NFA 34 and make the items the equivalent of firearms. This means that you'd need a background check for your gun, and if purchased separately, another for the can. 

OTOH I suppose if you wanted to make your own can, you could do that in most states without asking federal permission.

No number is reported as being assigned to this legislation but it goes under the name of the Hearing Protection Act, so when dropping your congress critters an e-mail, ask them to co-sponser this. Protect your hearing! It's For The Children!

While you're at it you might also suggest that treating an accessory like a suppressor like a full-blown firearm might just be a bit much and think of the trees that would be saved by eliminating those parts of the bill that do this.

Don't forget to add a line asking that funding for the BATFEIEIO be eliminated, salaries for all its employees be reduced to the federal minimum of $1/yr, their buildings vacated and sold off, and any and all records associated with the agency be consigned to an incinerator immediately following a full and complete investigation of Operation Fast and Furious.

Update: The bill number is H.R. 367


Kevin said...

I'm kinda fond of the idea of being able to make my own suppressors without .gov paperwork.

Billll said...

Me too. I suppose we'll have to wait a bit for some legal mind to comment on this. Making your own gun is one thing, but making a suppressor is easy enough for a Boy Scout project.

Billll said...

So it has been demonstrated that a Twinkie can act as an effective suppressor when placed in front of a .22 rifle loaded with subsonic ammunition. Thus if I were to clamp a spatula to the barrel of my .22, and place a Twinkie on the spatula, I have created a suppressor in the eyes of the ATF. My question, since I don't want to do 10 years for possession of an unregistered Twinkie,is which of the 3 components, the hose clamp, the kitchen spatula, or the Twinkie, do I need to register and serialize with the ATF? The wait period is not a problem here as it has been established that Twinkies are immortal.

Does Hostess Foods know about this? Will President Obama's last act be an executive order shutting down the Hostess plant just to give one last affront to the nations police? Will Magpul develop a large capacity magazine to fit on the end of your Modern Sporting Rifle to feed a fresh snack with each round fired? Someone at the SHOT show should ask them.

And before the Mothers Looking for Action weigh in, I want to know how many of their Senseless Gun Deaths (tm) had a spray of cream filling in addition to the blood.