Friday, January 13, 2017

Awards And Medals

Here's a picture of our soon-to-be ex president being awardsd a Distuingished Service Medal by a man he appointed to the job whose duties include awarding high honors to the man who appointed him.
This seemed a bit much to me even from a man who seems to love handing out fancy medals to his closest friends and supporters. Still, by contrast, here's another ex world leader sporting 4 medals
including the Order of Lenin. In some societies it's a plus to have government recognition of distinguished service to government awarded to government employees by government flunkies.

Could be worse. In Nork, the military sport so many medals they have to pin the over run onto their pants when their coats become completely filled.
Idi Amin had it easier, being a much larger man, found it easier to sport a large collection.
Perhaps in his retirement Barry can take up medal collecting.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Obo likes to do the Mussolini head tilt.

Billll said...

Barry channels Benny a lot.