Friday, July 15, 2016


Mine, specifically. The Camaro is what they call the "base" model which means that I was lucky to get wheels and tires on it. No big deal but what I really miss is the cruise control. After considerable digging I found that the wiring harness for the Gen 4 Camaros is complete and installing the CC is a matter of finding the components at the junk yard and bolting them in.


Seems there's Gen 4(a) and gen 4(b), and I've got the (b). The b rev has an electronic throttle control so the cable set that runs the throttle and CC isn't there, nor is it readily installable. The flip side to this is that someone on one of the forums casually mentioned that the cable-less throttle includes everything required for an all electronic cruise control. The implication here is that putting it in must be easy otherwise I would have seen numerous posts on how to do it.

I need to cultivate some GM gearheads.

Update: Seems the Gen 4(b) cars with drive-by-wire have the CC function programmed into the ECU. All you need to do is install a turn signal stick with the CC controls on it, connect the tiny 4-pin connector, and you're cruisin'.  The whole operation can be done with no tools and takes about 10 minutes. Any CC equipped stick will work as long as it resembles the one you're removing. I got mine from a Buick Park Avenue at the junk yard.


Merle said...

How did it work?


Billll said...

Just like factory installed.

jed said...

See, what'd I tell ya.

Now, you can work on getting the Buick turbo on to your Buick engine.