Saturday, December 7, 2013

Equal Opportunity

A judge has ruled that a Christian owned bakery is required to make a wedding cake for a gay couple or else pay a big fine. Great. I had thought that a business has the option to accept or reject any RFQ that floats its way, but there we are.

BTW: Does this mean that Muslim cabbies must either accept fares from the disabled with service dogs or else forfeit their cabbies license?


Matthew Wennerlund said...

At least in Minnesota, yes, they may lose their license if they refuse to take service dogs or people who have been drinking or are carrying liquor.

Cordolf said...

And the number of them that actually have lost their license is ... ?

Cargosquid said...

I'd make them a cake.

IT would have salt instead of sugar.'s your refund.

Or it would get dropped right before the ceremony

Billll said...

The issue is trickier than it looks. As Uncle says, if the government can make this guy provide a cake, is there anything it can't make anyone do?

In Oklahoma in the '50s most of the merchants in town had signs reading "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." This originally allowed taverns to refuse to sell drinks to someone obviously already drunk. In OK it was understood that this meant that blacks would not be served.

The doctrines involved are those of tolerance, Accommodation, and subsidization. Tolerance one should expect up to some point. You want to smoke? Fine, we won't put you in jail. Accommodation is nice. The restaurant has a designated smoking area. Subsidization is a bit much. You don't like people who smoke and want it banned completely? Fine, you don't have to visit my restaurant, even in the non-smoking area but don't expect the government to subsidize your beliefs.

Oh wait....

At some point a Baptist Super Bowl party could sue a kosher deli to force them to provide pulled pork BBQ to their party.