Friday, December 6, 2013

The Future Of Transportation - Can-Am On A Budget

We've all seen Can-Ams with 2 in front arrangements. Saw one a couple weeks ago the owner said would make 145 with the tach at 6000. Out of 9000. Quite the rig.

How about a switch? How about a Can Am on a budget:
The scooter is attached in the middle. The passenger presumably clutches the drivers throat.

I suppose that if the scooter still had its plate, this could be construed as legal. In the case the scooter was one of those under 50cc, no plate required jobs this might be legal if the scooter still had its sticker attached although I suspect you'd spend a long time discussing this with the cop and probably with the judge later.

Let me know if you get it out of the impound yard.

H/T to Jed.
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Oakenheart said...

I wish I had taken pictures of the one I built.
Camaro front subframe and a '76 CB750 Honda welded together at the transmission mount. Center-mounted Chrysler steering column with chain drive over to the steering gearbox. Car seat mounted just forward of the pipe between the trans mount and steering head on the bike frame. The carbs for the old bike were shot, and I didn't want to spend any money on something I welded together from scrap for a laugh, so I took a 500CFM 2bbl Holley, and made an intake out of PVC pipe - 4 pcs 90deg up to a 6" pipe cap, holesawed 4 holes for the tubes and RTV'd them in place. Second pipe cap was cut for the carb base, carb bolted on, and glued to the assembly. Ran a cheapy fuel pump and a boat gas tank - the carb was where the cycle tank used to be. That thing would run about 85mph. I was really surprised that with the 2bbl it had more bottom end torque than with the stock carbs.

Tarp got blown off the carb during a winter storm, and I ended up hauling it off for scrap. It was fun while it lasted, though :)

Billll said...

I too am impressed that the Holly carb worked that well on the Honda. I built a manifold for an MGB once out of water pipe. Looked rough on the outside, but the inside was quite smooth. Put a Holly-Weber from a Pinto on the MG and it worked fine.