Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy December!

1 or maybe 2 days I get to ride the motorcycle in to work, then the Fimbulwinter arrives in all it's glory. Well about half it's glory. Bitter cold, but no snow to speak of.

Nice prediction. I put up the mower and got out the snow blower and made sure it would start. This virtually guarantees that there will be no snow all winter long.

Had the victory celebration for the Hudak recall campaign today. All the cool kids were there and like a bunch of victorious Klingons, it was generally agreed that Great Deeds Were Done. Many thanks are due to the Goons, motorcycle riding friends of KNUS radio personality Peter Boyles whose presence at our sites greatly calmed down Hudak's Brownies who seemed to find them intimidating.

The group is NOT dissolving. The left is not giving up their agenda so we're not giving up ours.

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