Friday, December 13, 2013

Ethanol - Timid Steps In The Right Direction

A bill has been introduced in the Senate to reduce the amount of ethanol being put into our gas tanks in the face of evidence that with gas consumption going down and the required ethanol amount going up, the available fuel will soon become toxic to the vehicles that use it.

At the same time the president, oblivious to reality, is ordering the to increase its usage of renewable energy in all forms to 20% by 2020. No word as to where all these unicorn farts are expected to come from as for some reason the unicorn isn't on the endangered species list.

Meantime perhaps someone could copy on of those impassioned letters from PETA to the Interior department demanding that Yersinia pestis be added to the endangered species list, substituting Porcus Avionis and Eqquis Unicornus Flatulinus. I'm sure both would be worthy additions.

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Chaplain Tim said...

"will soon become toxic..."
Try running any blend of ethanol in a motorcycle or other small engine and see how long it lasts. Carbs aint cheap to rebuild or replace. With some states mandating ethanol on all gasoline sold, it's getting to be a challenge to find fuel suitable for my bike, lawnmower, chainsaw,etc.