Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Future Of Transportation - Small, Fast, Commuter

Well there might be some drawbacks to using this as a commuter, but who would care?  A Mazda Miata would look like an SUV, and an SUV would kook like a semi. Briefly. As they blurred by:

Watch it in full screen, or go to hybridcars to see it in larger format and read the article.

I mentioned this earlier in a post about the Elio as both of these cars feature 3-cyl, 1 liter engines. The Elio shows the economy you can get with a reasonable level of civilization attached. The Ford shows how fast you can go if you aren't bogged down with a lot of civilization.

Spend some time at the gym first. Driving this at full tilt requires a good deal of physical exertion. Of course if you make a practice of driving this at full tilt on the public roads, you'll soon be able to get your workouts at the gym at the jail. But what better way to let everyone know what you really think of Al Gore. Oh yes, if you drive carefully, this is reportedly good for 118 mpg.

No word on the price. I'm sure the warranty is at least as good as it was on the old Ford Thunderbolt.

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