Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Recall Too - Victory?

Today's news is that Sen Hudak has resigned rather than face a recall. My reaction to this is to treat the announcement like a Klingon funeral.

The announcement came as a surprise as most of us expected her to hold on through the petition submissions, complain about every single signature, and then not quit until the total was accepted as sufficient and the election announced. Oh yes, and file a few lawsuits as well as a delaying action.

When a Klingon dies, a temporary truce is declared, and all his friends and all his enemies are invited to the funeral. Everyone with an interest in the deceased brings a cattle prod and at the viewing of the body, each gives the deceased a jolt just to assure themselves that he really is dead and not just jiveing everyone.

While I have great hopes for the veracity of the announcement, I won't believe it until I see the video of ex-Sen Hudak walking down the capitol steps with her desk plaque sticking out of the cardboard box.

In the meantime, I have a nice (small) glass of premium rum in front of me as I type this. Clink your glass against the monitor and drink to the end of tyrants.

Rumor has it that the next recall target will be Ryan Call, head of the Colorado GOP.


jed said...

I figure there was a lot of pressure from the Dem. machine on her to resign, lest the seat fall into Republican hands. Too much risk there, so, take one for the team, Hudak.

I also figure there's a soft landing arranged for her somewhere, if she wants it.

I think the cattle-prod ceremony should become de-riguer for departing politicians.

David Aitken said...

I saw something, don't know where, that until her successor takes the oath of office, she can recant and reclaim the seat. I don't know what the exact process is.

Billll said...

That would make it easy to resign just before the petitions were submitted, then recant just after the deadline for submission. This is precisely why I'm skeptical of her preemptive resignation.