Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gun Fun - November '13 E-Postal

The November e-postal is up over at Sand Castle Scrolls. Based on a challenge from Top shot, imagine looking at the bottoms of 5 beer bottles with "church key" openers hooked on to the caps.
Your job is to open the bottles by shooting the openers but NOT the bottles. Details and pdf of the target at Dannos.

Could be worse. I had an aunt by marriage who as a little girl would go out to the dump with the family and shoot beer bottles with a rolling block .22. The game was to set the bottles with the necks facing the shooter who was expected to shoot the bottoms out of the bottles by shooting through the necks. Time frame for this would have been the thirties.

Maybe a target for next year. Don't worry, I'll use wide mouth bottles. Think Micky's Malt Liquor.

Which means I'll have to buy some so as to be able to model the bottle. The sacrifices I make for the sport.

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