Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Global Wartming

Myself I'm a big fan of global warming, and I don't particularly care what or who is causing it. I got to ride the motorcycle to work today and that's good. Our Governor, however, blames fugitive methane, coming from gas wells that escapes past valve joints and other such places. This is accounted to be as much as 1-2% of the gas extracted from the wells. If you think a typically greedy capitalist oil and gas company wouldn't care about a 2% drop in revenues, you must live here and have a valid prescription.

Meantime, no less a source than the IPCC says that 70% of the fugitive methane out there comes from naturally organic sources. To make a real impact, the governor needs to be looking into controling these organic sources. I suggest installing afterburners on cattle:
Plus I kind of like this graphic.

Update: Oh yes, and Al Gore has become a vegan. Don't stand behind him.

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jed said...

I recommend not standing in front of Al Gore either. Or, in fact, coming within a mile or so, in any direction.