Friday, November 29, 2013

Next Election

Got this on the ColoradoRKBA newsletter:
/The Libertarian Party: Electing Democrats for decades.../
The Republicans have a harder time doing the same thing. The typical Dem 
has already signed on to the Green or Red agenda and any wannabe 
candidate gets to talk with the union reps, Guido and Nunzio, about his 
political viability or even his metabolic viability before going on the 

Still, if some Greenie wants to get on the ballot badly enough on a 
platform of abolishing the use of fire, the R's would do worse than to 
slip him enough money to keep him from getting discouraged and dropping out.

Post election the union guys know not to use the former candidates own 
car. A Prius requires careful disassembly before being sent to the 
crusher, and the presence of a resident in the trunk would probably be 
noticed. Something on the Cash For Clunkers list however would go right 
through with minimal inspection.

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