Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Recall Too - The Finale

We're now in the last week of the effort to recall Sen Hudak, and things are heating up. Evie just got $120K from assorted unions and other leftie groups while the recall effort has raised some $64K mostly from small individual donors.

Mike McAlpine says the recall effort is 92% of the way to their goal with 87% of the allotted time expired, which suggests he's slightly ahead of where he needs to be. The operative word here is "goal". Mr. McAlpine has always suggested that his goal was 25,000 signatures. 92% of that would be 23,000 which would be adequately over the 18,900 certified signatures needed. Internal checks suggest that the signatures collected are 99% certifiable, but a 10% margin is always nice so 20,700 total would be about the minimum.

If you're registered to vote in Dist 19, get your name on the paper. If not, we can always use more warm bodies out there soliciting. For signatures.


Cincinnatus said...

And she resigns for "own goal".

Kevin said...

That way someone Democrat can be appointed to replace her, rather than risk a Republican win.