Tuesday, August 24, 2010

High Technology

It seems that those backscatter x-ray machines that can produce near-pornographic images of airline passengers can also be fitted to vehicles, such as police cars, and produce pretty good images of the interior of your car as you drive along.

In the sand box, this turns up things like excessive amounts of Semtex and the like. I suppose it could be used along the border to get an accurate count of the passengers in, on, or under your car.

As an accessory to the town police cruiser in Mayberry, it seems like a warrant less search.


jed said...

Not that it's germaine to the point, but those particular images aren't actual backscatter scans. There are some other images floating around which have a more embossed look, entirely easy to do with your choice of good photo editing software. Dunno if those are the real McCoy.

When it comes to playing with new toys, I doubt that considerations of warrantless searches are very high on the list. Because when you're protecting the country from terrorists, the Constitution pales in comparison. Or that demon weed, too.

Can't recall where I saw it, but someone was talking about underwear with "Get a Warrant" or other messages emblazoned in some high-reflective (or is it absorbent) material.

Billll said...

It's the thought that counts. There's a porn star selling X-ray proof pasties for the would-be modest traveler, which if they work as advertised, will get the wearer an immediate strip search with body cavity gropes and everything.

Giving a visiting panjandrum a fancy certificate of appreciation, made by bonding 2 sheets of paper together for stiffness, with a cutout profile of a handgun in aluminum foil sandwiched between, is a not-to-be-forgotten knee slapper, too.

jed said...

I had to look up 'panjandrum'. Maybe the Mad Scientists could improve on that.