Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dealing With Your Enemies

On a national level at least. In a right-wing dictatorship, if a dissent movement gets big enough to draw attention, the leadership is identified, charged with something disgusting, and sent off to jail, if they're lucky. If not, they just disappear.

In a left-wing dictatorship, if a dissent movement starts to draw attention, the army is sent to the home town of the leadership, and the entire town is loaded onto the trucks and trains, and shipped off to the re-education camps, from which only a very small percentage "graduate". The whole operation is front-page news, under the headline "Rebellion Crushed", noting that everyone else can now safely go back to work.

In this country, it's much more refined. Under a right-wing dictator, say Richard Nixon, dissenters are investigated by the IRS until they are convicted of something ot are proven broke. Under a leftist dictatorship, the EPA is the agency of choice as it can threaten to shut down all the oil refineries in Texas, the entire timber industry in Missouri, all Gulf cleanup operations in Louisiana, all off shore drilling anywhere, and most on-shore drilling.

The latest effort is a proposal to ban all lead in firearms ammunition. And people had thought the administration was afraid to take on the gun lobby. They simply needed to find the right dog to sic on them.

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