Thursday, August 12, 2010

Colorado Primary Results

What they might mean, that is.

I didn't see anyone win or lose that I didn't expect to see finish that way, although some of the results were closer than I had expected. Just remember Billlls law of election year rhetoric: If the numbers are getting reported, the real story in in the percentages, and vice versa. I think the story from the primaries is in the numbers.

Rounding off the numbers, in the Democrat Senate primary, a total of some 337,000 Donks turned out. They gave "Obamas man" the nod over "Clintons man", and this is being touted as a huge win for the Bamster. Bennet did little, and Romanoff went harshly negative early on. What's to like?

On the Republican side, some 405,000 Reps voted in the Senate contest, picking the conservative over the RINO. This represents a 20% increase in head count over the Donks. If I were to bet, I'd say it's the Reps election to lose, which they certainly can. They don't call it the Stupid party for nothing.

The Reps had 386,000 voters register their choice for Governor, which is 14% higher than the Dem turnout for Senate, the Dems not having a primary fight for governor. This means that Dan Maes and Tom Tancredo will share 57% of the vote for governor, and John Hickenlooper will snooze to victory with 43%. They don't call it the Stupid party for nothing.

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