Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gun Report

Went to the club steel challenge Saturday, and proved that I'm 1) very slow, and 2) not getting much faster. I need more practice with the C-Z for sure.
Interesting note was the two newbies, Kai and Jasmine, from Taiwan. They were introduced to shooting by our club president about a month ago, and took to it like naturals. They now own two Ruger .22s, a 9mm, and a .45 auto, and are shopping for an AR pattern rifle. Their friends and relatives back in the old country, where firearms are forbidden, are properly mortified.

Took the Hi Point to test the improved scope mounts and discovered that I can now put nearly all the holes into a 3x5 card at 100 yards. That's probably as good as it's going to get, but that's certainly good enough for a fun plinker.
About that scope. My original thought was that a 1-4 shotgun scope would be about right. Took my gift certificate, and went shopping at Cheaper Than Dirt. Yes, they have such a scope. But for $10 more, I can get a 1.5-6 scope, with a big 44mm objective, red AND green illumination, which I'll probably never use, and lens covers. Sweet. So I'll spring the extra 10 and get the bells and whistles. The thing gets here, and ZOMG! the thing is nearly as big as the gun. Got nice eye relief, and nice sharp image, though, and the combo looks nasty enough to cause Sarah Brady to foul her britches at 40 paces. Pictures shortly.

The gun show is still sparsely attended. I blame the Obama recovery. Apparently the nouveau riche government employees tend not to be gunnies.

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