Monday, August 30, 2010


Tax evasion is illegal. Tax avoidance is not. Here in Colorado, the Governor, a Democrat short on money, added a surcharge to all vehicle registration that roughly doubled the annual price of a license plate. That not bringing in enough money, he also got a "fee" of $25/month tacked on if you renew your plates late, which mercifully tops out at $100, otherwise the tax liability for the old Ford you found in grandpas barn would bankrupt you.

My daughter has a small motorcycle. She recently found herself in hard times, and let the registration lapse. Now she wants to ride the bike again, but renewing the plates would run about $160. Solution: She gives me the bike. Transfer the title is $60, same as renewing the plates, if you had done it on time. I insure the bike, list her as the rider, she pays me for the insurance, and all is good.

Presumably, next year about this time, I'll give the bike back to her.

BTW: The license surcharge applies to anything with a license plate, like your boat trailer, or one of my guns. Yes, one of them has a license plate. The late fee also applies across the board, so if you find yourself facing hard times, and put your toys into storage, remember there's a $100 fee to get them out.

Hopefully, by January, Colorado will no longer be a Blue state, and some or all of this legislated theft can be done away with, although Tom Tancredo seems to like it well enough to insure it stays.

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