Thursday, August 29, 2019

Safe-2-Swat Law Used In Loveland

Loveland has a policy“Safe-2-Tell”, that allows anyone to anonymously report anyone else for doing anything that "bothers" them. This results in a police visit and a suspension from school with no contacts to allow a student to keep up with lessons.

The students refer to this as the "Safe-2-Swat" rule as judgement is passed and penalties assessed with no due process. The victim is required to prove to a board of 6 school board officials that they are definitively NOT a threat to anyone.

A student at a Loveland high school is now being forced to go through this process for going to a shooting range with his mother.

UPDATE: The bad publicity seems to have gotten to the school administration.
Someone called the anonymous line “Safe2Tell,” and reported they feared Nathan was threatening the school. “Safe2Tell” is designed for youth to be able to give tips to their school and police about threatening situations. However, Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams said the line has been dubbed “Safe2Swat,” by kids who use the line for both practical jokes and to get even with other students they may have a conflict with.
Swatting is a term that is used when someone deceptively sends police and other emergency services to another person’s address through false reporting of an emergency or criminal action.


Merle said...

If the people in that community won't speak up and remove those policy makers - then it serves them right!

Billll said...

The school board got elected by posing as a grassroots bunch of concerned parents and never once mentioning they were the chosen reps of the union. As such, it's party line first, union interests second, and can't remember what was third.