Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Ammo Testing

Nothing exciting here but this coming weekend I'm going to the IDPA stste championship match at Palasade and this being a level 4 match, they're doing everything by the book including checking everyone's ammo through the chroney. I decided to check mine just in case.

This being a lost brass match I didn't want to use my reloads but it turns out I have 250 rds of Blazer 155 gr and 100 red of Tul 180 gr.

My reloads, 180 gr RNFP over 4 gr Titegroup - about 1000 fps
Tul 180 gr RN over Russki powder                  - about 800 fps
Blazer 155 gr over something. Hot Damn!       - avg 1375 fps

All of these qualify  but the blazer is super hot. Tul and Blazer are both Aluminum cased so I won't miss that "brass". I'd prefer something a bit less lively than the Blazer, that or a muzzle brake but oh well, I don't expect to make any exalted level there so I run what I've got.


Merle said...

so I take it that "lost brass" means they keep all the brass and sell it for scrap?

Billll said...

According to the match book they keep the brass and give it to the folks doing the officiating.