Friday, February 15, 2019

The Search For Immortality Drugs

Another study is claiming at least partial success on the road to creating an immortality drug or at least a cocktail that slows the ageing process. Having worked in the medical industry, I can tell you it's never going to happen.

The FDA process for approving a drug requires a double blind study over the expected duration of a drugs use and a careful statistical analysis of the results including bad side effects and ultimately, mortality. Thus if you have a drug that imparts immortality, you must set up a double blind experiment in which half the subjects are given the drug, and half are given non dairy creamer or something. All subjects are carefully monitored, and any ailments contracted are noted, and the ultimate outcomes are recorded.

As soon as all the subjects have died, the data are compared, and safety and efficacy is determined. Of course if half the subjects never get sick or die except from misadventure, waiting for the end of the experiment is going to literally take forever. Hence, the drug will never get approved. At least not by the FDA in this country.

Medical tourism will become popular. In England and Canada, the NHS will give you the preliminary exam and prescription but the wait time to get into the hospital will quickly exceed 110 years. In Mexico you can get the stuff on any street corner, right next to the taco stand. Try to avoid the "misadventure tacos." Also the pills made from non-dairy creamer and Fentanyl.

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JC said...

You got a point there. Laetrile!