Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Green New Deal - Investments

The Green New Deal being fronted by the extreme left has all the usual bells and whistles they've been pushing for the last 50 years or so including a complete disavowal of all hydrocarbon fuel sources plus NO mention of nuclear at all.

Never mind that wind farms require a backup power plant burning something to provide enough power to allow for heating of the wind generators in winter. An even larger plant is required if you want to continue to supply power to the end users when the wind dies down. Wind farms in Scotland, for example, are connected to the grid in France which is mostly nuclear, for this very reason.

As investments go I'd suggest bulk cargo ocean freighters as we have no neighbors capable of supplying the U.S. with power on calm  winter days. We're going to need massive shipments of dried cow chips to make up the shortfall even if we install dryers in every feedlot in the country.

Feedlots will have to be upgraded to include:
1. a digester to extract methane from the fresh manure to be burned in
2. diesel powered generators to supply power to the
3. dryers which will render the manure dry enough to burn in a
4. solid fuel burning generator which would then send any power not used at the feedlot out to the grid.

See? Green!

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Anonymous said...

Ummm . . . Lessee, #1+#2+#3+#4 = circular logic? Yeah, sure . . .