Thursday, February 28, 2019

Redefining The State Lines

As a prelude anyway, the passage of onerous gun laws in several states has led to the announcement of certain of their counties as "2A Sanctuary" counties in which the questionable gun laws would not be enforced.

In Illinois, this is coming to mean that counties outside of Cook are declaring their independence from rule by the gun grabbers in Chicago. In states with a large metropolitan area, this is becoming more the norm. In Washington, the Seattle-Olympia corridor is distancing itself from the southern and Eastern parts of the state, and Eastern Oregon is following suit.

In New Mexico the southern half of the state is moving away from the northern half, and here in Colorado, as many as 4 counties either have declared or are considering declaring themselves as 2A sanctuaries.

This is a perfect example of why the founders disdained the democracy as a worthwhile form of government. In its own strange way it produces an example of why some states actually need to be broken up. If, for example, New York were to be divided into Southern NY (NYC and Long Island) and Northern NY (the rest of the state) the Senate would retain the 2 Dem senators from SNY, but pick up 2 Republican ones from NNY. Same sort of thing in other places with one big city and one big state.

For me it would mean that I wouldn't have to move to Texas or Oklahoma to get away from the Denver-Boulder Blissninnies, Just down to Colorado Springs.

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