Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Dog(s) That Didn't Bark

Among the myriad observations on the SOTU one finds these: There were 2 that I thought stood out, First was Global Warming/Climate Change and the second was the national debt. AOC actually covered the first by announcing that if we didn't do something, we'd all be dead in 12 years. This position has been taken by one doomsayer or another for the last 60 years or so and people are tired of hearing it. Good move on Trump's part letting the noisiest whack jobs be the spokesmen for the cause.*

The second is far more important and really should have been addressed. Trump should have mentioned the problem and announced that he would be sending out a memo asking the heads of all agencies to reduce their spending by some minuscule amount this year vs 2018. 1% would come across to the American people as trivial even though the standard within the beltway is an automatic 6% increase year on year. Giving everyone a 1% haircut is also something that can be done without having to hold hearings and debates with endless sob stories about how the American people will be thrown to the wolves if the Department of Hairdressers doesn't get its increase to cover the population increases.

*UPDATE: See? I told you so!

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