Monday, June 4, 2018

The Parkland Snowflakes Magical Mystery Tour

Found here.
In a news release from March for Our Lives, the organization said students are calling for "universal, comprehensive background checks; creating a searchable database for gun owners; funding the Centers for Disease Control to research gun violence;" and "banning high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic assault rifles."
The above items are the sort of thing the left would sell their mothers into slavery for but don't generally mention as in most districts this would result in a resounding defeat. Handily, they have a busload of sock puppets to advance the agenda for them.

The item that jumped out at me was the searchable (hackable) database. If you are a burglar and need to supply someone with a Beretta 9mm, what easier way to pick your starting points than a searchable database. Likewise if you are a city council person who has just added the Blastomatic 2000 to the towns list of banned firearms and want to know which houses the police should visit, well, this is it.

Ever wonder why you never see David Hogg smiling? If I had Mike Bloomberg's hand that far up my a**, I wouldn't be smiling either. The proper response to this sort of tomfoolery is a variation on an older one:

 "Sod off, Snowflake."

Oh and one other thing, Who's financing this national road trip?

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Merle said...

Why do you insult sock puppets like that? :)
At least they are useful for entertaining children...