Thursday, June 28, 2018

Conestoga Project 4 - Motorizing The Mountain Bike

Got the chainring adapter done and by cutting the teeth off the chainring that was provided and making an aluminum ring to carry the 3 chain rings. Had to sink the crank into the ring on the back side to get the chainring locations right.
Next the motor mounts. 2 separate pieces with the front one slotted on the bottom to hold the motor as far forward as possible, this in an effort to provide clearance for the air filter.
It is planned to replace the hose clamps with real U-bolts at some point, but I haven't gotten there yet.
The 2 phillips screws replace 2 Allen head screws that caught on the toe straps that were fitted to the original pedals. Tolerances are that close.

Also noted was the idler pulley as provided with a tall bracket tended to let the drive chain swing in and out and try to jump the rear sprocket.
Moving it closer to the sprocket pretty much fixed that.

The muffler provided would have passed through the front frame tube. I need to find some tubing bits to route it around. a 45 down and a 90 on the bottom should do it.
Throttle and kill button are hooked up and I need to connect the crankase vent tube to the air filter.
Should be easy he said blithly... That and add oil and gas. Oh yes, and final tightening of all those nuts and bolts.

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Merle said...

Lucky you have fabrication abilities, huh? :)