Friday, June 22, 2018

Life In The 21st Century

NOTE: If you notice your car spitting chunks of catalyst out the tailpipes, it's a pretty good bet it's not going to pass the emissions test which is required every 2 years.
Replacement cat: $428.

Car is quieter and according to the State, clean as the proverbial whistle.


danno said...

The Miata failed smog a couple years ago... $300 to replace but I didn't notice any chunks departing the vehicle without a clearance :-( Could just have well been a minor tweak that they charged me for.

How many miles?

OTOH, my new truck just passed it's first emissions test with... well I don't know. They plug into the OBD-II port and ask the onboard computer "Hey bro, how are you doin'?"

OBComputer: "Fine as wine! See ya in two! Later bro!"

And I get the $17 sheet that allows me to renew my tags.

Merle said...

Guess I'm lucky, in my little corner of the world a visual inspection is all that is required......

What's that saying about the camel's nose?


Merle said...

If you haven't already disposed of it, check for any scrap value. Remember when thefts of cats was big news? IIRC, there is some platinum involved, so could be worth a few bucks.....