Thursday, May 3, 2018

Survey Says: Convention Of States

The Convention of States group, which is advocating for exactly that to consider possible amendments to the constitution, has completed a survey of its followers asking among other things, what it is that they see as the most important issues facing the country today.First results are out, and shake down like this:
Top Five Biggest Threats to the American Republic Today1. Illegal Immigration 20%
2. Erosion of Individual Rights 19%
3. Runaway Spending 17%
4. The Media 12%
5. Politicization of the Education System 11%
6. Infringement on 2nd Amendment 9%
7. Money in Politics 6%
Put this way, gun rights doesn't figure very highly but when you consider that gun rights are individual rights, and toss them in with erosion of individual rights, you get 28% seeing erosion of individual rights as the biggest issue out there today. The above list and a quick summary of some of the other results appears in a Paul Bedard column here.

Full disclosure: I'm a member of the COS group and participated in the survey. FWIW I don't believe the survey was given to anyone outside the group so it's not a representative survey of the general population. I'm not on Facebook or Twitter so I don't know if they've been banned, blocked, excommunicated or whatever or if they even have a presence there. The group sounds like one Z-burg would ban as "hate speech" if he knew anything about it.

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